Art attach


For art attack my goal was to produce a piece of art related to our local landscape using either paint, water colour or pastel.

With Mrs Marsh I learned about foreground, midground and background in landscapes.
With Mr Forman I learned about colour and complementary colours.

With Mr Rule I looked at the different landscape features of Canterbury and Banks Peninsula.


  • I enjoyed using water colors with music
  • I was proud of getting my art done
  • I felt it easy was drawing the sea and the horizon and what I felt difficult was my tree.

Something that i need to work on is trying something new.

My learning goal for term 3

My learning Goals for Term 3


I have been identifying my literacy goals for the start of term 3
My reading teacher is Mrs Marsh
My writing teacher is Mr Rule

So What?

My handwriting goal is to flick and link correctly.

My spelling goal is to complete list 7.

My writing goal is to: write about a moment in time using a picture prompt.
                           use a variety of verbs and adjectives to make my writing more interesting, and
                                precise nouns.

My reading goal is to identify the structure and features of a moment in time/descriptive writing.

My blog goals are:
*  to use a variety of ways to show my learning (text, photos/images, video).
            I am proud of getting most of my blogs done.