Term 4 writing

I am learning to: Strive to make our writing right and try our hardest

Success criteria: I will know I have been successful in doing this when I:

  • Use my feedback key to help guide my next steps

Term 4 discovery time

We are learning to engage in positive relationships with others and focus on developing the key competencies:
Managing self
Using language, symbols and text
Participating and contributing 
Relating to others

Student comment: I like building huts because they are fun.

Term 4 production: Dance through the ages

We are learning to do a dance and perform it in unison with a group

Student comment: I have enjoyed learning box steps.

Term 4: Music

We are learning to: Understand the different elements of music:

Success criteria: We will know we can do this when we:

  • Are able to explain or demonstrate what each of the different elements is e.g. "Pitch means high and low sounds"

Student comment: Dynamics means loud and soft

Carter w star of the day

We are learning to show and talk about using our CARE values at Oaklands School.

Students who successfully display their CARE values get to be the star of the day.

Term 3 Maths - Numeracy

We are learning to count backwards from the biggest number to solve subtraction problems.
Student comment: I have been learning to count backwards from the biggest number.

Term 3 Physical education: Gymnastics

We are learning to:
Create and perform a sequence which links two shapes through rolling, traveling or jumping.

Student Comment: 
I have learnt how to do a hedgehog roll.

Carter's mihi part 2

Carter's mihi part 1

Te Reo Māori Mihi

We are learning to:
  • Introduce ourselves in Te Reo Māori.
  • Communicate personal information, such as our name, parents’ and grandparents’ names and home town in Te Reo Māori. 
To be successful we need to:
  • Speak clearly and fluently.
  • Use short simple sentences of Te Reo Māori to communicate personal information.

Term 3 reading

Teacher question: What does a good reader do?
Student answer: Sound out words if they are stuck

Term 2 Integrated topic: Change is everywhere

I am learning to express my understanding of Change

Teacher instruction: Make or draw something to show me what you know about change
Teacher question: What have you made/drawn to show me what you know about change?
                        At the beginning (before teaching):  

                        In the middle (part-way through teaching):

Student reflection
Then- I thought..... I didn't know what it meant

Now - I know..... Things change, like trees and leaves.

Term 2 writing sample

I am learning to:
1. Make my writing interesting by using describing words
2. Attempt to use capital letters and full-stops by myself

Success criteria:
I will know I can successfully do this when my writing shows
1. One or more Adjectives that match my picture
  • A capital letter at the start of my story and at the beginning of each new sentence.
  •  A full-stop at the end of each of my ideas and at the end of my story.

Next steps:
1. Attempt to use interesting words to describe my picture/experience.

Student comment:
I am good at leaving finger spaces.
I could work on putting fullstops in the right places.

Term 2 strand maths: Statistics

I am learning to:
Make statements about a data display

Success Criteria:
I will know I can do this when I can
  • Correctly say one or more things about a display of data on a pictogram e.g
  • "The most popular eye colour in Room 15 is blue"

Student Comment:
It's got different numbers. There’s more bananas than apples.

Term 1 writing sample

We are learning to 
Before writing: 
1. Draw a picture to plan for my writing and discuss what I am going to writing about 
During writing: 
2. Attempt to write a brief description about my made-up character 
What I need: to describe what my ani-mix looks like, sounds like, moves like etc 
After writing: 
3. Share my story with my buddy. 

Success Criteria draw a detailed picture plan use adjectives to describe my picture 

Teacher Comment: I like the way your words match your picture exactly.